A team approach to leadership, interchangeable achievements and business synergies.
Phil Grice

Phil Grice – Director – Proactive Edge Group

Phil’s background started in sales and marketing, where he spent 15 years developing a successful career within the booming IT era. It was in 2008 that Phil began his freelance and consultancy career. He has since spent the past 10 years pursuing exciting projects and developing the brand Proactive Edge. Phil has excellent vision, drive and is strategic in his approach and has had great success in many business sectors. He has over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and business development. Director – Proactive Edge Marketing | Sports Management

Clare Howell

Clare Howell – Director – Proactive Edge Marketing

Clare began her career working in fashion marketing but changing direction she re-trained and worked in digital design in magazine publishing. Since becoming a mum of 2, Clare now freelances and has been designing for Proactive Edge clients, working with a variety of different people, helping individuals and businesses translate their brand’s story across digital media. Whether you need help giving your business a fresh new look or you’re starting from scratch, Clare can help you bring to life your visions.
Head of Design – Proactive Edge Marketing