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ADHD Marketing Support

Grappling with indecision, lack of productivity, distractions, or overwhelming feelings, rest assured, we’ve been there too!

While ADHD presents its challenges, it also harbors remarkable traits such as creativity, resilience, and passion. It’s this very understanding that sets Proactive Edge apart from other top marketing agencies across the UK.

Powering Through

With over 20 years of business expertise, our unique blend of ADHD perspective and marketing proficiency enables us to offer unmatched support. At Proactive Edge, we empathize with the challenges of ADHD and neurodivergent individuals, having experienced them firsthand. Leveraging our personal journeys, we’ve transformed ADHD challenges into strengths. Coupled with our proven track record of business success, we’re uniquely positioned to help guide you towards achieving your goals.

Our Approach Is Beyond Ordinary

Proactive Edge pioneers tailored marketing for ADHD individuals, guiding clients with our hyper-focused dedication. We go beyond traditional marketing, acting as coaches, mentors, and providing indispensable support.


No time for procrastination! Let’s dive right in and discuss your objectives, aspirations, and requirements. We’ll advise how we can help and turn your vision into reality. Drop us an email or call, and let us take the lead.


As we drive your business forward, providing you with the right tools is essential for empowerment. We’ll not only help you maximise the potential of your website but also work closely with you to ensure you’re constantly on the path to success.


Leverage your natural strengths while we handle the technical marketing aspects. It’s the shortcut to success, eliminating so much wasted time. Together, we’ll strike the perfect balance between tasks you prefer to manage independently and those you’d like us to handle on your behalf.


Empathising with the challenges of running a business with ADHD, we provide assistance every step of the way. We believe that running your own business should be fulfilling and enjoyable. Most importantly, it shouldn’t be stressful.



We begin by delving into understanding our clients’ specific ADHD conditions and their aspirations for their business ventures. With this understanding, we map out a clear plan of action and timeline, ensuring transparency and alignment every step of the way. By establishing a solid foundation built on mutual understanding, we set the stage for effective collaboration and success.


We develop a step-by-step marketing plan that is clear, actionable, and aligned with our clients goals. Our strategies are designed to simplify the complex world of marketing, making it easy for our clients to understand. Consequently, our clients can confidently navigate the path without wasting anytime or getting stressed.


Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the initial implementation of marketing strategies. We recognise the importance of providing ongoing holistic support to ensure long-term success. This includes business and educational support to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of marketing principles and practices. Through personalised guidance, we equip our clients with the knowledge and skills. Therefore, helping them navigate the world of marketing with confidence and competence.


We specialise in data-driven strategies and reporting to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing. With a keen focus on harnessing the power of data, we meticulously analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and campaign performance to tailor strategies that resonate with your target audience. Our comprehensive reporting tools provide invaluable insights, allowing us to fine-tune your marketing strategy in real-time and maximise your ROI.

Ensuring smooth progress towards your goals!

Harnessing Your Potential

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