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The International Scooter Federation (ISF) (Formerly the International Scooter Association) served as the official governing body for freestyle scooter riding from 2010 to 2022.

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Proactive Edge has been a driving force behind the rise of freestyle scooter riding. Through strategic marketing, extensive networking and innovative media engagement, Proactive Edge has played a pivotal role in elevating the sport to a worldwide audience.

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Proactive Edge: Marketing Strategies to Propel Scooter Riding

Leveraging Media Platforms for Global Promotion

Proactive Edge played an instrumental role in promoting and growing the sport of freestyle scooter riding and the International Scooter Federation (ISF). By utilising a comprehensive array of marketing resources, they ensured that the federation’s activities reached a global audience. Moreover, solidifying the sport’s presence worldwide.

Strategic Media Engagement

Central to Proactive Edge’s marketing strategy was the effective use of diverse media platforms. From the inception of the ISA to its evolution into the ISF, Proactive Edge meticulously managed social media channels, developed engaging content, and executed targeted campaigns. These efforts not only increased visibility but also fostered a vibrant online community passionate about freestyle scooter riding.

Building an International Network

Proactive Edge understood the power of collaboration and networking. They cultivated an extensive international network by working closely with influencers, brands, and media outlets. This network was pivotal in maintaining a constant global audience reach, ensuring that the sport remained in the spotlight.

Influencers: Amplifying the Message

Collaborating with key influencers in the freestyle scooter community allowed Proactive Edge to tap into established follower bases. These influencers, with their authentic and relatable content, helped drive engagement and spread the word about events, competitions, and initiatives.

Brands: Strategic Partnerships

Proactive Edge forged strategic partnerships with renowned brands, enhancing the credibility and appeal of the ISF. These collaborations not only provided financial support but also facilitated co-branded marketing campaigns that reached diverse audiences, further embedding freestyle scooter riding in mainstream culture.

Media: Expanding Reach

Engaging with international media outlets was another cornerstone of Proactive Edge’s strategy. By securing coverage in major sports and lifestyle publications, television broadcasts, and online platforms, they ensured that freestyle scooter riding remained a topic of interest globally. The live streaming of events, such as the World Championship finals, attracted millions of viewers, exemplifying the sport’s widespread appeal.

A Constant Global Audience

Through these meticulously crafted strategies, Proactive Edge guaranteed a constant global audience reach in the millions. Their adept use of digital marketing tools, coupled with traditional media engagement, created a seamless blend of visibility and engagement. This holistic approach not only promoted the sport but also inspired a new generation of riders and enthusiasts worldwide.


Proactive Edge’s innovative marketing resources and strategic collaborations were key to the exponential growth of freestyle scooter riding and the International Scooter Federation. By leveraging media platforms, building an international network, and working with influencers, brands, and media, they ensured that the sport captured the imagination of millions globally. Their efforts have solidified freestyle scooter riding’s position as a dynamic and rapidly growing sport on the world stage.

Phil Grice: Role in Shaping a Phenomenal Global Sport

A Vision for Legitimacy

In 2010, the scooter industry saw the potential for freestyle scooter riding to evolve into a mainstream sport. To achieve this, they entrusted Phil Grice, the owner of Proactive Edge, with the mandate to establish an association that would help legitimise and standardise the sport. This was the beginning of a transformative journey that would see freestyle scooter riding catapult into the global arena.

Establishing the International Scooter Association (ISA)

By 2011, Phil Grice had founded the International Scooter Association (ISA), laying down the groundwork for what would become a globally recognised body within the scooter industry. Leveraging the expertise of Proactive Edge, the ISA began developing the necessary standards, structures, and processes that the industry could adopt worldwide. This included creating the ISA brand, building a professional website, managing social media platforms, and designing a distinctive brand identity.

The Birth of the World Championship

The ISA’s efforts culminated in the establishment of the official World Championship. The inaugural World Scooter Championship Final, managed by Proactive Edge, took place at Deeside Skatepark in Cheshire in 2012. The event attracted over 200 riders and 500 spectators, with an additional 30,000 people tuning in via livestream. This groundbreaking event marked the start of something monumental for freestyle scooter riding. Riders from around the world were flown in to participate.

Growth and Global Reach

Under Phil Grice’s leadership as the president of the ISA, the association expanded its influence globally. Working with a board of directors, international members, riders, media, and businesses, the World Championship grew to include over 20 international competitions. The final event, now hosted at Extreme Barcelona, draws over 40,000 attendees and is televised to a global audience reach of 20 million people.

Transition to the International Scooter Federation (ISF)

In 2020, the ISA transitioned to the International Scooter Federation (ISF) and relocated to Switzerland. This move was a strategic step towards gaining official governing body status, with the ultimate objective of achieving recognition by the Olympic Games.

At the Core of the Freestyle Scooter Movement

Freestyle scooters have become the world’s fastest-growing wheeled sport, with Phil Grice and Proactive Edge at the core of this movement for over a decade. Through innovative media strategies, the use of digital platforms, and adept commercial business and marketing skills, they have attracted sponsors and funding opportunities, significantly expanding the sport’s reach. The website and social media channels managed by Proactive Edge reached millions of enthusiasts worldwide.

Commitment to Youth and Sport

For more than 12 years, Phil Grice and Proactive Edge were fully committed to the evolution of freestyle scooter riding. Their primary focus was to support millions of young people, encouraging them to stay active and enjoy the many benefits that sport brings to their lives. Through their dedication, they created the foundations to shape the future of freestyle scooter riding, ensuring its growth and sustainability for years to come.

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