International Scooter Association

About: The ISA (International Scooter Association) is the governing body of freestyle scooter riding. Dedicated to the development of the entire sport and riders.

Overview: Phil Grice, owner of Proactive Edge was provided the mandate from the scooter industry to establish an association to help legitimise the sport. 

In 2011, Phil set up the ISA and started to develop standards, structures and processes that could be adopted by the industry throughout the world. Furthermore, using Proactive Edge services to create the ISA brand, a website was built, social media set up and managed, and graphics created for brand Identity.

The association created an official World Championship, with the very first World Final being managed by Proactive Edge. The event was hosted at Deeside Skatepark, Cheshire, in 2012. The event was attended by over 200 riders and 500 spectators. It was also livestreamed to 30,000 people worldwide. It was to be the start of huge things to come!

Today Phil is Chairman of the International Scooter Association and works with a board of directors, international members, riders, media and businesses worldwide. The World Championship has over 20 international competitions and the final is hosted at Extreme Barcelona, which has a footfall of over 40,000 and is televised to over 20,000 million people.

The future is to get official governing body status and reach the Olympic Games. All of which is 100% within reach.

Freestyle scooters is the worlds fastest growing wheeled sport and Proactive Edge has been at the core of the movement.

Achievements: Being given an opportunity of creating an International businesse, which helps millions of young people be active.

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